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Teaching in India

In Kerala, most of the lessons are conducted in Malayalam and English. Historically, Keralans have begrudged speaking the Indian national language, Hindi, and so English is an important language to learn if the children want good jobs.

English is already taught in most Indian schools and you will be surprised at what the children already know. Pick up some of the work that the children have written and you will wonder why you are there, their written work is immaculate. However, ask the children to read out what they have written and you will quickly see where they need help. Most of the children have been taught English by people who's first language is not English. Often that means that they have been taught to speak English through the phonics of their own language. Y's, R's, L's, Th's, Ph's are pronounced differently in the Malayalam so your role is not to teach the children grammar, but to teach them the phonetics of the language - how to pronounce the letters that form the building blocks of the English language.

As well as helping teach conversational English people with interests in music, drama, and art are welcomed as well as anyone with a keen interest in cricket!

Note all projects working with children require a background check. This is an extra cost of about £10 but we will make the necessary arrangements. Parking tickets, speeding fines, and some criminal convictions will not prevent you from joining us; we simply check if you have any prior convictions relating to harming children.

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