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Physiotherapy is rarely offered in hospitals overseas. Where it is, it is often expensive or lacking in sophistication with techniques and equipment often outdated in comparison to what we’re used to at home. However, by spending time on a physiotherapy project you will be able to work with physiotherapists that offer very good treatment despite the handicaps. You will experience techniques we’ve forgotten about and alternatives methods of therapy not widely used in the more developed world such as massage and acupuncture in China.

Physiotherapy projects are not just an opportunity to get some great experience on your CV, they are also about learning skills you perhaps won’t be taught at home. A project like this is also an opportunity in many cases to help children and adults who are less fortunate than us.

Physiotherapy projects can be combined with teaching, work in an orphanage or any of our other projects. They can be done as part of a gap year or during the summer holidays. Having this experience on your application to university or college can significantly improve your chances of getting a place on that competitive course so contact us now to chat about your requirements and securing a place on one of our medical projects.

These projects are not just for pre-university physiotherapists. Many of the clinics we work with overseas are desperate to have volunteer staff with physiotherapy qualifications who can help with modern techniques, design new programmes and workshops and who can give some of their time and expertise.

This project is not just for budding physiotherapy students, this programme may also be suitable for those about to study:

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