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Physiotherapy in China

Our physiotherapy projects in China are based at a disabled person’s clinic in the suburbs of Beijing. Sadly the clinic receives no money from the government so it is privately funded and relies on donations from the public.

The hospital specialises in the rehabilitation of disabled people, mainly children, but it also treats children and adults recovering from surgery or fractures. Sadly, in China children who are born with physical or mental impairments are sometimes abandoned so some of the children are orphans and live at the clinic.

As with general medical practice in China, the hospital uses Chinese massage and acupuncture alongside conventional rehabilitation methods. If you are interested, you can learn some of these methods from the doctors.

Your working day usually starts at 8am and finishes around lunch time. You will spend most of your time helping the children with their exercises. We have reserved afternoons for language classes which are essential for this project as few of the doctors, staff or patients speak very good English.

The clinic also looks after children and some adults with hearing impairments. In China surgery is much more widely used to cure hearing loss and the clinic has a number of classes dedicated to helping rehabilitate people with hearing impairments back into the wider community.

This project is not just for budding physiotherapy students, this programme may also be suitable for those about to study:

Contact us to chat about which programme would be best for you.

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2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks 5 weeks 6 weeks
£1,795 £1,895 £1,995 £2,245 £2,495
$2,895 $3,045 $3,195 $3,595 $3,995
A$3,590 A$3,790 A$3,990 A$4,490 A$4,990
2,445 2,595 2,695 3,025 3,355

Extra weeks Extra months Language course
£250 £995 £250 (per wk)
$400 $1,595 $240 (per wk)
A$500 A$1,990 A$300 (per wk)
330 1,350 200 (per wk)
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