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Orphanage Placements

Working in an orphanage is probably one of the toughest and most rewarding things that you can do. The orphanages we work with are well run but often the staff are busy and have little time to interact with the children. Your job will be to simply spend time with the children and pay them some attention. This will involve playing games, sports and helping the children develop interests. You might start an art club, get the children interested in nature, put on a play or simply run around chasing a ball.

Some of the orphanages we work in are for children whose parents have died of AIDS or AIDS related illness, many have simply been abandoned by parents and relatives.

Kindness and compassion are necessary prerequisites for all of these projects.

Note all projects working with children require a background check. This is an extra cost of about £10 but we will make the necessary arrangements. Parking tickets, speeding fines, and some criminal convictions will not prevent you from joining us; we simply check if you have any prior convictions relating to harming children.

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