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Medical practice in China isn't divided into conventional practices and the ‘alternative’ or ‘complimentary’. What makes medical work experience in China so unique is that traditional forms of Chinese medicine are combined with more conventional western techniques and a more holistic approach to patient care and health is adopted.

Like our other medical placements how much you can do is dependent on your previous experience. You will be assigned a supervisor in one of our partner hospitals in Beijing who will discuss which areas of medicine you are interested in, arrange a programme for you and be on hand to offer any support needed.

The structure of your programme will depend on your past experience, areas of interest and language skills but many of our volunteers start their projects in a hospital for disabled children, where our physiotherapy volunteers are also based. This gives you the opportunity to get ‘hands-on’ and also gain first hand experience of how treatments such as massage therapy are used alongside more conventional techniques. You will then move on to a larger community hospital which will provide the opportunity to spend time with doctors and nurses in a variety of different medical fields.

This is perhaps the most unique programme that we can offer the budding medic at Global Volunteer Projects. Whereas the clinics you will spend time in will be modern, many of the techniques and practices will date back down the ages and this really will be the opportunity to see medicine in a completely new and fascinating way.

This project is not just for budding medical students, this programme may also be suitable for those about to study:

Contact us to chat about which programme would be best for you.

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2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks 5 weeks 6 weeks
£1,795 £1,895 £1,995 £2,245 £2,495
$2,895 $3,045 $3,195 $3,595 $3,995
A$3,590 A$3,790 A$3,990 A$4,490 A$4,990
2,445 2,595 2,695 3,025 3,355

Extra weeks Extra months Language course
£250 £995 £250 (per wk)
$400 $1,595 $240 (per wk)
A$500 A$1,990 A$300 (per wk)
330 1,350 200 (per wk)
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