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Our medical projects in Cambodia are based in the capital city Phnom Penh and the rural district of Takeo. Most of the hospitals suffer from a severe lack of funding. As a result, the hospitals will be unlike any that you will find at home.

These projects are mainly aimed at people hoping to become doctors and nurses. The programme will give you a real insight into the challenges faced by medical professionals when money isn't available.

The hospitals lack much of the equipment that doctors and nurses take for granted at home. X-ray machines, ultra-sound scanners, ECG machines are all in limited supply because the hospital simply can't afford them. Furthermore, medicine in Cambodia is operated on a pay as you go basis, if you can't afford the medicine, you don't get it, even if the drugs are available.

This programme is therefore, a unique opportunity for you to work with doctors and nurses, shadow them on ward rounds or observe them in theatre and see how they practise medicine when faced with these challenges. The standard of medical care really does differ to what we're used to at home.

You will also witness the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that we just don't see at home. Tropical diseases such as malaria and typhoid are common as are conditions relating to poor sanitation like dysentery and giardiasis.

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2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks 5 weeks 6 weeks
£1,295 £1,345 £1,495 £1,645 £1,895
$1,595 $1,795 $2,195 $2,595 $2,995
A$1,990 A$2,290 A$2,790 A$3,290 A$3,790
1,350€ 1,695€ 1,895€ 2,225€ 2,555€

Extra weeks Extra months Language course Orphanage project
£250 £995 £100 (per wk) £100
$400 $1,595 $160 (per wk) $160
A$500 A$1,990 A$200 (per wk) A$200
330€ 1,350€ 135€ (per wk) 135€
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