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HIV Awareness and Counselling Projects

The global HIV/AIDS epidemic is continuing to grow despite initial optimism that prevention strategies implemented several years ago were beginning to have a positive affect. By 2005, the number of those infected had grown to more than 40 million, double the number in 1995 and ninety-six percent of these cases were in the lesser developed world.

Furthermore, according to UNAIDS and WHO, stigma and discrimination, whether actual or feared, remain perhaps the most difficult obstacles to prevention of HIV.

Global Volunteer Projects is working with a number of different agencies to increase awareness of how to prevent transmission and infection of HIV/AIDS amongst key groups and also to try and remove some of the stigma attached to people living with HIV and AIDS.

You could be working on a government sponsored survey of high risk groups such as sex workers, to establish some of the social issues increasing the spread of HIV in India, accompanying AIDS orphans on their regular trips to the hospital to ensure that they are on the right combination of retro-viral drugs in Uganda, or visiting people living with HIV and AIDS at home on our counselling project in Ghana.

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hiv projects in Ghana
HIV projects in India
hiv projects in uganda
hiv projects in cambodia
HIV projects in Tanzania

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