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Conservation projects in Tanzania

Burunge Wildlife Corridor

Human-Wildlife Conflicts in Wildlife Corridors: The Case of Tarangire-Manyara Basin Ecosystem, Northern Tanzania

Each year, thousands of wild animals migrate along the Burunge Wildlife Corridor in the Maasai steppe in Northern Tanzania. The corridor encompasses three villages, Kwakuchinja, Sangaiwe and Minjingu, and is an important wildlife migratory route and dispersal area for the Tarangire, Lake Manyara and Serengeti National Parks. Despite its importance, the corridor is increasingly threatened by anthropogenic factors which have led to both encroachment and human-wildlife conflicts. In order to achieve conservation and development, the project intends to prepare and implement the Buffer Zone Land Use Planning (BUZLUP). The BUZLUP framework is a new approach developed in Tanzania for use in areas where humans co-exist with wildlife.

The project’s main objectives are twofold. First, is to create awareness education among local communities living adjacent to Tarangire National Park on the importance of land use plans in conservation and poverty reduction. Second, is to use the prepared and implanted land use plans to mitigate human-wildlife conflicts (HWC) between conservationists and local communities living adjacent to Tarangire National Park.

These two objectives will be achieved through a series of activities which will involve different stakeholders at District and local level.

At village level several activities will be carried out: stakeholder analysis, awareness education among local communities on the importance of land-use plans, and stakeholder training on participatory rural appraisal skills. This will then be followed by the preparation of participatory land use plans in three study sites as described in the BUZLUP Framework.

Your role

Your role will be to assist with these objectives. You will work with the local communities in the area to increase awareness. This will involve visiting schools and community groups.

You will also conduct land use surveys to identify where human-wildlife conflicts exist and work with the parties concerned to identify ways that the impact can be reduced within the BUZLUP framework.

Additionally, you will work with the project leaders and village leaders to monitor successful implementation of the plans.

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