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Career Break with Global Volunteer Projects

Global Volunteer Projects is a new concept in career break travel. Most of us decide to take a career break or time out to travel, experience new cultures and/or maybe learn a new language. Most join established organisations like us, not just to travel but to help in some small way.

A career break is an opportunity to take time off the treadmill, reavaluate our life decisions, consider changing our career path or just take a career break from the 9 to 5 and the rat race.

Many have asked us if joining Global Volunteer Projects on a career break, they will be surrounded by 18 year old gap year students. The 'gap year' is such a broad concept now that it no longer really applies to those taking time out before going to university.

Nowadays, a gap year is as likely to be taken by graduates before entering a career, by people like you taking a career break or by people looking for something meaningful to do post retirement. About half of the people who join Global Volunteer Projects are outside the traditional 'gap year' 18 year old student age bracket.

Global Volunteer Projects is as much about learning as it is about giving. Our career break programmes are designed to incorporate learning the local language and something about the local culture. All our programmes include, where applicable basic language courses as well as 'culture' courses. This may be drumming in Ghana, Yoga in India or learning Swahili in Tanzania.

We also offer a wide range of projects for your career break, teaching, conservation and orphanage work for those keen to get involved as well as medicine and journalism placements for those looking to gain that all important work experience if you're looking to change direction.

Global Volunteer Projects arranges career break projects, teaching projects, journalism career break, medicine career break, conservation projects, working in orphanages and HIV awareness projects in India, Ghana, Mali, Tanzania, Cambodia, Poland and Guatemala for the ultimate career break.

We're sure this is just what you're looking for your career break and we look forward to welcoming you on one of our career break programmes soon!







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