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Global Volunteer Projects Team in Tanzania

Country Directors - Joshua Kuboja, Elias Majogoro and Laban Irhene

GVP Tanzania is a locally registered NGO and that enables us to support a number of projects and initiatives. The organisation in Tanzania is run by our colleagues Laban Irhene, Elias Majogoro and Joshua Kuboja.

We initially started the project when we met Laban Irhene who at the time was completing his Phd thesis in the UK. He had heard about the work that GVP did and contacted us to chat about how we could work together to meet our shared objectives.

Laban is incredibly well connected through his work with Arusha University, where he teaches, and also through his contacts with various NGOs in Arusha. This enables us to offer such a wide variety of projects in Tanzania. Working closely with Joshua and Elias, Laban oversees all our projects in Tanzania.

Joshua lives in Arusha with his wife Beatrice (seen in the picture above with their daughter Lena) and is the Director of Maua English Medium School, our main teaching placement in Arusha. Joshua also conducts our Swhaili language course. His links with the schools and orphanages in the area are extensive.

Elias also shares most of the day to day running of GVP Tanzania. Elias also teaches at the University of Arusha, where he was previously Head of HR, but has left that role to concentrate on his committments to GVP Tanzania.

As a registered NGO in Tanzania, our aim is to give young people in Tanzania successful futures through helping and preparing them for education and work.

Our Vision

To promote sustainable solutions for a rapidly changing world; our focal-linkage is in the fields of environmental research, conservation, education and community development.

Our Mission

To reach out toa young generation and to provide facilities in the interest of Social Welfare and other charitable purposes of benefit to Tanzania and to provide support, training and advice which enhances the effectiveness of the organization involving volunteers to promote charitable activities on behalf of the communities of Tanzania.

What Do We Do?

We work alongside and with skilled local partners and our teams in Tanzania to identify and build long term projects that tackle local problems.

How Do We Work?

We build skilled local teams in Tanzania that identify key issues affecting poor communities and seek to find solutions to these problems by sourcing ongoing financial support and creating volunteering opportunities.

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