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Street Children project in Tanzania


The reasons why children leave home to go to work or live on the streets could be a sudden drop in family income; loss of support from an adult family member due to illness, death or abandonment; or an episode of domestic violence. Other factors noted through research are chronic impoverishment, cultural expectations, desire for consumer goods, or the lure of the city.

The children who live and work on the streets are vulnerable to wide and extreme violations of their rights. They have difficulties in accessing basic services and are verbally, physically and sexually abused. Although these boys and girls may have a range of skills related to survival and informal income generation, these strengths remain unarticulated and unrecognized by mainstream society. This combined with the fact that few of them have benefited from sustained formal education means that these children generally find it very difficult to earn money legally. Faced with this situation, many are forced into crime and confrontation with the general public.

The problem

Significant numbers of these boys and girls seek temporary relief from their situation through substance abuse. They become trapped in a cycle of poverty, violence and abuse. They are socially excluded, highly visible, mobile and increasing in number. They are unable to access basic services- including school-which generates further problems and demands on already overstretched social services and the criminal justice system. As these children age, they run increasing risk of HIV/AIDS and conflict with the law.

What you can do

GVP in Tanzania aims to both reduce the numbers of children coming to live on the Arusha streets and support those who are already trapped in cycles of poverty and dangerous activities.

You will look at the grass root causes of the migration of children to the streets, supplying knowledge and educational materials to parents and guardians to hopefully stem the movement of children coming to the towns to seek their fortune.

You will also meet children on the streets, examine the causes of their situation and look at possible ways to alleviate their problems. This usually means helping to get the children into protective care.

Our aim in Tanzania is build a sustainable project that doesn't end when you leave. You will also provide support and guidance to those who have already been taken off the streets. You'll visit them to see how they're getting on and also investigate vocational training and micro-credit schemes that can help the children either into to further education, a career or even to launch their own enterprises.

This project would suit..

This project would suit those with background in social work or counselling, as well as those who may be considering a career in this area.

You might also be suited to this project if you would like to get involved with a project that really changes people's lives.

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