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Tanzania Orphanage Projects

Our projects in Tanzania are in orphanages in Dar es Salaam. Our main partner orphanage is home to 100 children who are a mix of orphans and social orphans, children at the orphanage because their parents can’t afford to look after them. The children have a wide range of backgrounds: some are from the street, some are abused and some have parents who are in prison. There are 61 boys and 39 girls aged from between 2 to 24 years.

The home occupies a large site which includes a nursery school, workshop, computer room, meeting hall, dinning hall, dormitories, dispensary, football pitch, basketball court, garden where vegetables and fruit are grown, field with chickens and 5 cows which provide milk for the younger children. The younger children aged 2 to 6 years attend the nursery and once they reach the age of 6 places are found in local schools.

Daily schedule

School hours: Juniors 7am – 11am
Seniors 7am – 2 am


You will arrive at 8am. In the morning you will be assisting and teaching children in the nursery class or attending school with the older children, this will be arranged with the local schools by the Director. This is very helpful as it ensures the pupils attendance at school. Some of the primary school children don’t start school until 11am so time will also be spent with them.


The younger children take a nap 1pm until 3pm during which time you can spend time teaching interacting with the older children. After 3pm, most of the children will be at home from school and this is when you will be busiest with after school activities. You will play sports or do arts and crafts with the children until the end of the day at 4.30 pm.

Opportunities also exist to spend time in the workshop helping and instructing the children on projects to help the home. For example, construction projects currently in need of assistance are a new basketball court with hoops etc. There is also plenty of general maintenance and painting the volunteers could help out with.

There are regular day trips organised for the children which you will be asked to help with. These include trips to local beaches, picnics in the country outside of Dar, museums and even the airport.


The school terms are listed below. We recommend that you should aim to arrive during the school term as some of the children go home to visit relatives during the school holidays. If you can’t come during term time there will still be work to do. Even during the holidays, the orphanage will still run activities and vacation classes for those without families to go home to.

6th January – 28th March
15th June – 10th July
14th July – 28th November

Note all projects working with children require a background check. This is an extra cost of about £10 but we will make the necessary arrangements. Parking tickets, speeding fines, and some criminal convictions will not prevent you from joining us; we simply check if you have any prior convictions relating to harming children.

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You choose your dates for teaching, orphanage, journalism and medical placements but spaces throughout the year are limited so reserve your space now.

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